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Offer Prayerful Support

The Global Christian Forum seeks to be upheld by prayer by Christians from across the globe, and likewise the GCF seeks to contribute to the spiritual life of Churches, Christian organisations and individuals through its own spiritual life.

Here you will find some shared spiritual resources that have been used within the life of GCF gatherings. We hope this stimulates your own thinking and praying.

Also here you will find a ‘Weekly Prayer Cycle’ that offers a prayer suggestion/direction for that individuals or communities to follow in their prayer life over a period of a year. There is one suggestion to cover every week.

You will notice that it brings our attention to not only the life of the GCF, but also the wider parts of global Christianity as reflected in the GCF. It is our hope that our praying then becomes about enabling our prayer life to reflect not only our need of prayer, but also our prayers and desires for the world and the churches ministry, are also placed before God.

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