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Limuru 2007: Evaluation 1

Evaluation of the GCF process from 1998 to 2007

The Limuru Global Forum in November 2007 recommended that a thorough evaluation of the Forum process be made. The GCF Committee decided that such an evaluation should be done by an external agent and developed terms of reference.

Several study centres and other institutions were approached and asked to submit proposals which were reviewed by the committee at its meeting in February 2008.

On the basis of the proposals received the committee entrusted the evaluation to three institutions, each with a specific task in order to make sure that the broadest possible range of the Forum process would be covered.

All three were asked to carry out the evaluation in the period from March to September 2008 and to present their report in October 2008. The three institutions were :

  • The Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (OCMS), based in Oxford, UK
  • The IIMO Centre of the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • The FIET Theological Institute, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The findings and recommendations of the evaluations, together with the results of the Limuru Global Forum, served as basis for the Proposal on the 3 Year Programme which was developed at the Consultation of 8 – 11 November 2008 in New Delhi, India. At the close of this meeting the GCF Committee decided to make the evaluation reports available to all who are interested.

Electronic copies in pdf format are free of charge. Please contact the GCF Secretariat to obtain copies.

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