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GCF Bogotá – Friday, April 27, 2018

Dr Billy Wilson, member of the Pentecostal World Federation executive committee speaking at the GCF gathering in Bogota, Colombia. Photo: Albin Hillert/WCC

A leading American Pentecostal preacher has acclaimed the Global Christian Forum (GCF) as an “important platform” for world faith leaders to come together and learn from each other.

Dr Billy Wilson, the president of Oral Roberts University and a member of the Pentecostal World Federation (PWF) executive committee was speaking in an interview on 27 April during the third gathering of the GCF from 23-27 in Bogotá, Colombia.

“The Global Christian Forum diffuses any kind of animosity between movements and shows us a way to be more together into the future of Christianity,” said Wilson,

“When you know someone, and you are already in a relationship with him it is hard to fight against him, and in that sense the GCF is becoming more and more an important platform for world faith leaders to come together in Christianity and share their perspectives, learn more about one another.”

Wilson is also the global chair of Empowered21, a Pentecostal evangelizing group.

“Our living witness should be strong,” said. Wilson. “We need to live what we speak, and we need to speak what is the truth about Jesus Christ.

“All over the world leaders understand today that when a Christian lives out his belief he can make a real difference in the world. As Christians we are here to make a difference in peoples’ lives and this is the future for global Christianity.”

Pentecostals are the fastest growing Christian religious movement in the world and have been one of the four “pillars” of the GCF since its start.

David Wells, vice-chair of the Pentecostal World Federation (PWF), a GCF member and general superintendent of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada also attended the gathering.

He highlighted the PWF`s deep appreciation and gratitude to Larry Miller, GCF’s outgoing secretary, since who has served seven years at the helm the GCF as extolled his tireless work on the integration of Pentecostal churches to the forum.

Various strands of the Pentecostal fellowship had a strong presence at Bogotá gathering which had the biblical theme “Let mutual love continue.”

Lord Elorm Donkor, district pastor of the Church of Pentecost and principal of the Birmingham Christian college shared a testimony of love in his context.

He said, “All these give me hope that our God is bigger than an individual`s or one organization`s talents and gifts. So, we need to be open to others and to let mutual love continue.”

John-Daniel Pluss, chair of the European Pentecostal Charismatic Research Association and Fondation du Forum Chretien Mondial invited the participants to think about the future of global Christianity.

“As we have been reflecting together these days in our common faith journey we invite you now to think even further on the challenges and hopes that are most relevant in your context.”

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