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By: Jean-Daniel Plüss, President, Fondation du Forum Chrétien Mondial

“O God make speed to save us. O Lord, make haste to help us.”

This short prayer may be familiar to Anglican and Lutheran Christians who pray this prayer occasionally as part of their daily readings. In fact it is one of the oldest Christian prayers based on Psalm 40:13 and the Temple worship of the Jews.

For Christians from another tradition who do not follow set prayers these lines may resonate with particular strength as we are facing the current pandemic. We call to God to save us and we pray for speedy divine intervention. It is in our human nature that we are quickly distracted by fear and uncertainty when we face a difficult situation that we do not have control over. The preparatory prayer above, however, continues with the words “In your resurrection, O Christ, let heaven and earth rejoice. Alleluia.”

Indeed, it is the resurrection of Jesus Christ that we celebrate during Easter time and beyond that puts everything in perspective. You can pray with trust in the mercy of God and say, “Lord, my Savior, I will put my trust in you in this difficult situation. Show me by the power of your Spirit what I
can do to be a blessing to people that are close to me. May we live our lives to helping our neighbors so that they may be encouraged and you Heavenly Father may be glorified.”

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